Silicone Baby Bibs Feeding Pocket Bibs Soft Waterproof Easy Clean Food Catcher Cartoon Animal for Babies & Toddlers Cat


包装长*宽*高:20.00 * 16.50 * 4.00(CM) 毛重:0.161(KG)


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Are you still worrying baby's clothes messy even wearing the cloth bibs, then you need this waterproof silicone bibs, no more clothes ruined by spills or stains, as the wide, deep food catcher pocket remains open while your child eats, no spilling anymore, made from soft siliocne, the bib gently rests against your child's neck without tugging or chafing.

FEEDING WITHOUT MESSY: Compared to traditional cloth bibs, this waterfroof silicone bibs can effectively catch food and liquids without spilling out, help you feeding without making a messy.
HYGIENIC & SAFE: Food grade silicone and BPA free, safe to baby's sensitive skin, our strict quality control make sure that every bibs make you satisfied.
5 ADJUSTABLE BUTTONS: You can adjust and fit the bibs around your little one's neck, no worry about too tight or being pulled off.
EASY CLEAN: Cleaning them is as simple as wiping them down with a wet cloth, keep soft and smooth after cleaning.
WIDE POCKET: You can put snacks in pocket, baby will feed themself and no worry about spilling and messy.

Color: Monkey / Cat / Lion / Deer / Tiger / Raccoon / Frog / Giraffe / Hippo / Zebra (Optional)
Material: Food grade silicone
For age: 6 Months and older
Product Size: 27 * 22cm / 10.6 * 8.7in
Product Weight: 97g / 3.4oz
Package Size: 20 * 4 * 16.5cm / 7.9 * 1.6 * 6.5
Package Weight: 190g / 6.7oz

Package List:
1 * Waterproof silicone bibs
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