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If you're suffering from brown teeth due to smoking or drinking coffee and tea, you need to try this amazing teeth whitening liquid. It is effective for mild fluorosis, dental plaque, smoke stains, tea stains, coffee stains, tooth stains, etc. Make you life bright and let you smile beautifully.

Simple to use, do not damage the enamel. 
Pure plant extracts, safe to use.
It is effective for dental plaque, smoke stains, tea stains, coffee stains, tooth stains, etc.
Remove smoke, black teeth, tea teeth, dental fluorosis.
Natural and organic formula freshens your breath.

How to use:
1. Gargle with warm water
2. Take 1-2 drop of our goods with a cotton swab
3. Simple width, keep the lips away from teeth.
4. Clean the surface of the tooth 10-30 s (single tooth)
5. Gargle again

Ingredients: Water,Alcohol,Magnolia,Asarum,Angelica Dahurica, Gleditsiae Sinensis Fructus,Thyme,Borax,Menthol.
Capacity: 10ml/0.35 FL.OZ
Package weight: 40g / 1.41oz
Package size: 150 * 100 * 30mm / 5.91 * 3.94 * 1.18in)

1. Only for cosmetic use. do not swallow, avoid contact with eyes. Store in a cool, shaded place, keep it out reach of children.
2. Temporary tooth sensitivity may occur, but the discomfort or irritation discontinue use after sustained.
3. Please use after one week if you need more clean.
4. Children under the age of 13 should not use, do not oral. 

Package List: 
1 Bottle * Teeth Whitening Liquid
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