RtopR Teeth Whitening Essence Oral Hygiene Cleaning Serum Removes Plaque Stains Tooth Bleaching Dental Toothpaste


包装长*宽*高:10.00 * 4.00 * 2.00(CM) 毛重:0.032(KG)


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Our product is design to whitening your teeth, easy to use, letting you easily to get whitening teeth. Showing a beautiful smile, enhancing confidence and being more attractive. Have a try.

Developed with a gentle formula, this teeth whitening essence contains mild plant extract, safe to use.
It can decompose pigments and stains easily and thoroughly, enhancing whitening effect of your teeth.
Comfortable and gentle, easy to use, fast whitening with visible and efficient effect.
Easy to use and portable for anywhere carry. Specially for people with yellow teeth to restore healthy and white teeth.
Also a good option for those who want to have white teeth and bright smile and those who often drink tea, coffee, red wines, etc.

Usage Method: 
1.Before use teeth whitening essence,please clean the mouth with warm water.
2.Then use a cotton swab to dip proper amount of the product,wipe the teeth surface repeatedly in front of the mirror.
3.Rinse with warm water until the plaque is wiped clean.

Brand Name: RtopR
Type: Teeth Whitening Essence
Ingredient: Water; Menthol ; Citric acid ; Glycerin
Quantity: 1pc
Net Weight: 10ml
Package Weight: Approx. 27g / 0.95oz
Package Size: Approx. 10 * 4 * 2.0cm / 3.93 * 1.57 * 0.78in 

Package List:
1 * Teeth Whitening Essence
10 * Cotton Swab
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