Samsung Micro SD Card TF Card 100MB/s (U3) EVO Class 10 Memory Card 128GB Adapter Not Include (MB-MP128G)


包装长*宽*高:14.80 * 8.80 * 0.20(CM) 毛重:0.016(KG)


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Samsung class 10 TF with large capacity helps to make full use of advanced digital devices. It has reliable quality and legendary performance to safely store wonderful moment, reminding you cherished memories as it happened not long ago. Larger capacity, faster speed to release device potential and store wonderful moment in life.

Up to 100MB/s maximal read speed, it makes your digital life more joyful.
128GB can support approx. 6-hour 4K UHD videos or 17-hours FHD videos or 27,600 photos. So you can store the wonderful moments of your life.
Widely use for smart phones, tablets, cameras and drone to capture splendid charming moments.
It can endure temperature from -25 to 85 Celsius.
Protect all your data from damage caused by airport X-ray machine.
It can resist magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss, the equivalent of a high-field MRI scanner.
IPX7-level waterproof. Survive up to 72 hours in seawater.

*Please note that there is caculation difference between actual storage and listed storage.
·32GB=Approximately 28GB-30GB
·64GB=Approximately 58GB-60GB
·128GB=Approximately 119GB-120GB
·256GB=Approximately 230GB-238GB

Package Weight: 11g / 0.39oz
Package Size: 13.8 * 8.8 * 0.2cm / 5.43 * 3.46 * 0.08in (L * W * H)

Package List:
1 * TF Card
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