Lixada Muscle Foam Roller High Density Therapy Foam Roller Deep Tissue Muscle Massage Foam Roller Trigger Point Muscle Pain Release


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Bullet Points:
HIGH QAULITY FOAM ROLLER - Lixada 2-in-1 massage roller is made with high quality PVC structure, and EVA foam, which is eco-friendly, non-toxic and highly flexible.
SOLID OUTER ROLLER - Outer roller features ergonomic curves that perfectly massages your back, leg, neck, shoulders. It is designed to help increase circulation, increase the blood circulation, massage muscles, helping to relieve soreness and pain, great for hips, knee, calves, neck, hand and feet.
SOFT INNER ROLLER - Inner roller has soft surface, is perfect for soft muscles and fragile sensitive areas, such as the neck and waist area.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL THERAPY ROLLER - Ideal for sports therapy, myofascial self-massage, rehabilitation and injury prevention. Whether you are standing or lying down, there are many exercises for training with the fascia roller.
PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Lixada massage roller size is 33 x 14 cm /13 x 5.5 inches , weight , which is portable, convenient to carry and relax yourself anytime anywhere!
WITH A FABRIC BAG - Each roller comes with a handy drawstring closure bag, for easy transportation or protection from dirt and moisture. Perfect for home, yoga studio and office, also flexible to use on the go!
Lixada Muscle Massage Foam Roller is the best piece of exercise equipment that you can own. It can be used for a number of functions like deep tissue massage, myofascial release therapy, stretching, and even vertebral mobilization.
Moreover, the foam roller is very easy to clean - just wipe down with a clean rag with disinfectant.
 Vibrant color combination with black and green
Different surface patterns for different pressure levels
 3 massage types in the Outer Role for a diverse myofascial relaxation
 Stimulates your connective tissues and relaxes your muscles, rigger point massage in the upper and lower back, neck, lower and thigh, deltoid muscles and chest
 Ideal for sports therapy, myofascial self-massage, rehabilitation and injury prevention
 Handy drawstring closure bag, for easy transportation or protection from dirt and moisture
Please Note:
The rollers are odorless, but all enclosed packaging products will generate some smell. This smell will not do harm to the human body. We recommend that the Foam Roller be soaked or ventilated to remove the odor before use.
Outer roller - EVA, PVC
Inner roller - EVA
Outer roller - 33 x 14cm / 13 x 5.5in
Inner roller - 32 x 8.5cm / 12.6 x 3.3in
Outer roller - 846g
Inner roller - 88g
Packing List:
1 x Lixada Foam Roller
1 x Closure bag
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