Household USB Power Mosquito Killer Lamp


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This is a kind of fine quality zapper, no toxicant, no chemical and no odor whatsoever, healthier than traditional pest repellent or bug zapper, spray and mosquito-repellent incense, no detrement to human body and environment, you can have a try.

Low energy consumption, not only a mosquito trap, but also a night light and decoration in your family and office.
No toxicant, no chemical and no odor whatsoever.
Healthier than traditional pest repellent or bug zapper, spray and mosquito-repellent incense.
No detrement to kids, pets or pregnant woman's body and environment.
Low noise design, will not disturb your sleep in anyway if you place it in your bedroom.
Powered by USB devices such as laptop, PC, charge pal, mobile phone charging adapter etc.
Due to its compact size and portable design setup, makes it simple to use in different scenarios like bed-room, living room, hotel, office, patio, camping and any other place where you don't want to be bothered by killing mosquitoes.
The whole device is extremely simply to remove the storage box to clean mosquitoes with tissue or a small brush.
Place it 1 meters from the ground, worked in a dark environment and without any people for maximum effect.
Note: Please ensure the unit is unplugged and turned off while cleaning, 3-5 days clean one time.

Name: USB Zapper
Color: black
Material: PP material
Power type: USB
Power: 2W
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Item size: 122 * 122 * 95mm / 4.80 * 4.80 * 3.74in
Item weight: 230g / 8.11ounce
Package size: 140 * 140 * 120mm / 5.51 * 5.51 * 4.72in
Package weight: 270g / 9.52ounce

Package list:
1 * USB Zapper

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