Adult Snow Helmet Outdoor Sports Safety Helmet for Snowboarding Skiing Scooter Horse Riding


包装长*宽*高:26.00 * 25.00 * 23.00(CM) 毛重:0.731(KG)


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This snow helmet is so strong that it can provide great breathability, warmth and protection for your head when you're skiing, snowboarding, skating, riding horse, etc.

Super strong ABS shell with impact absorbing EPS liner for increased durability.
10 adjustable vents allow for ultimate temperature regulation.
Removable ear muffs for comfort and warmth, without influencing hearing.
Adjustable dial ensures a proper fit for 58 - 60cm head circumference.
Comfortable pad keeps you warm, reduces shock and prevents insect entering.
Goggle clip to keep your eyewear attached. (Goggles are not included)
Great for skiing, snowboarding, skating, horse riding, scooter riding, sledding, etc.

Material: ABS + EPS
Color: Black / Red / White (optional)
Vents: 10
Head Circumference: 58 - 60cm / 22.8 - 23.6in
Weight: Approx. 520g / 1.1lb

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1 * Snow Helmet
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