FeiyuTech G5 GS 3-Axis Single Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer


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The gimbal body is detachable and portable. And it is easy to change from the single handheld model to the dual handheld model. Splash proof design. The new model G5 GS is far more than these.

Splash-proof design of the gimbal means no worrying about the impact of rain whist shooting.
G5 GS gimbal is designed for Sony AS50/FDR-X3000/AS300 and other similar size action cameras.* G5 GS doesn't support the cameras without waterproof housing.
360° Without Limit, More Freedom: The adoption of slip ring motors for panning axis and tilting axis makes these 3-axis implement rotation at 360° without limits.
It is easy to shift from single handheld model to dual handheld model (Need to buy an extra dual handheld grip.), satisfying different needs.
Precise Industrial Design: Adopting the precise industrial design of FeiyuTech style, the gimbal body comes with a sandblasted metal and silicone material handle, powerful in function and comfortable when holding.
Brand new Feiyu ON APP for Android and for iOS offers the following functions: gimbal mode switching, angle changing, parameter setting, firmware update. Brings a better user experience.
Mobile Time-lapse Photography: Time-lapse photography lets you concentrate time and shoot beautiful videos that are hard to detect in real time. Using G5 GS auto-rotate function, you can capture more dynamic visuals without the need for other heavy equipment and can experience the fun of mobile time-lapse photography.
Adjust the balance quickly through the sliding plate on the fixed plate, so easy and saves time in one step.
Motor with More Torque, Improve Stability: Motor torque has been increased by 30%, enabling the gimbal to resist more external force while shooting.
Refactored system algorithms with new high-performance chips, making motor stability greatly improved. Automatic output matching power, the use of the process is not generating excess power, energy-saving and efficient.
Wide Accessory Compatibility: With 1/4" screw hole on the bottom, compatible with most of the expanding parts of the market.
Charging Speedup: The charging software is upgraded, and the G5 GS direct charging efficiency is twice as high as that of the previous generation.
Long Working Runtime: The G5 GS uses a 22650 rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.7V, 3000mAh), which can last up to 7 hours.

Brand: FeiyuTech
Model: G5 GS
Main Material: Aluminum alloy
Compatibility: For Sony AS50/ FDR-X3000/AS300 with an extra water-proof housing and other action cameras with similar dimensions and weigh as above cameras(130g~200g). (G5 GS doesn't support the camera without waterproof housing)
Tilting Angle: 360°
Rolling Angle: 320°
Panning Angle: 360°
Tilting Increments: 2°/s~75°/s
Panning Increments: 3°/s~150°/s
Battery Type: 22650 rechargeable flat head Li-ion battery (3.7V, 3000mAh), charging it via USB port is support
Battery Runtime(Fully Charged): Up to 7 hours
Charging Time: ≥ 2 hours, suggesting using 5V/1A adapter for charging battery, quick charger is banned from charging.
Firmware Upgrade: Yes
APP Settings: Yes
Compatible with Accessories: Yes
Balance Adjustment: Moving camera back and forth on the clamping plate so that the lens on camera could be leveled
Splash Proof: Yes. It is banned from using under water, and being exposed to salt water.
Item Weight: 330g / 11.7oz (Not including battery, camera)
Package Size: 35 * 17 * 7.2cm / 14.6 * 6.7 * 2.8in
Package Weight: 893g / 31.5oz

Package List:
1 * G5 GS 3-Axis Gimbal
1 * Carrying Bag
1 * 22650 Battery
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual (English & Chinese)

The performance of splash-proof will be affected while charging.
Action camera is not included.
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