HANDAIYAN Magical Flash Bright Shining Eye Shadow Body Eyeshadow Women Makeup Galactic Shimmer Glitter Powder Eyeshadows Cosmetic (1#)


包装长*宽*高:3.20 * 3.00 * 3.00(CM) 毛重:0.019(KG)


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This eyeshadow has all the colors you need to recreate sophisticated or edgy looks for day and night, for different occasions, casual, party, wedding!

High qualified ingredients with silky shine color, can last for all day long.
Glossy color and nourish ingredients together to care eye skin around.
Diamond texture of the suppression of powder eye shadow.
Feel light and soft, easily create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish.
Different colors meet the needs of different styles.
Portable, easy to carry and convenient to use.
Perfect for both professional salon or personal use.

Color selection: 10(optional)
Package weight: 15g / 0.53ounces
Item size: 30 * 21 * 21mm / 1.18 * 0.83 * 0.83in
Package size: 32 * 30 * 30mm / 1.26 * 1.18 * 1.18in

Package List: 
1 *  Eye shadow powder
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