Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing Pen Zinc Alloy Embroidered Eyebrow Makeup Handmade Tattoo Pencil Positioning Tattoo Pen Blue


包装长*宽*高:14.00 * 0.80 * 0.80(CM) 毛重:0.022(KG)


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Professional decorative operating tool, your great helper for creating unique and amazing eyebrow of a large variety.

Showily pen body, the streamline of the pen body and anti-skid design hand grip will perfectly suitable for your application.
Using the human body mechanics can be used to show various brow handmade decorative techniques, such as embroidery, cross-stitch, carving, row, etc.
Light weight, easily cooperate with all kinds of needle pieces in accordance with different eyebrow arc.
Easy to be applied by operator controller of different skill level including green hand.
Professional locking of the needle and no shaking of the needle at all.
Your great helper for creating unique and amazing eyebrow of a large variety.
Applicable to both home and salon use.

Color: Blue
Material: Zinc Alloy 
Item size: 0.8 * 12cm / 0.3 * 4.7in ( D * H )
Item weight: 15.6g / 0.54oz
Package size: 0.8 * 14cm / 0.3* 5.5in ( D * H )
Package weight: 16.5g / 0.58oz

Package List:
1* Eyebrow Tattoo Pen 
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