5M 150LEDs RGB APP WIFI Smart IR24 Keys Remote Control Lighting Strip


包装长*宽*高:16.50 * 16.50 * 6.00(CM) 毛重:0.458(KG)


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This WIFI RGB LED Light Strip is a 12V Super Bright LED lighting in a flexible thin strip. Adopted super flexible board as base and SMD 5050RGB LED as its luminous body, it is perfect in quality and excellent in illumination. Be widely used for under cabinets, holiday decor, backlit and other general lighting purposes. Equipped with strong adhesive sticky backing, it is flat, flexible and can be easily mounted onto most flat surfaces. Small in size, low in voltage make this lighting ideal for a wide range of applications.
Light in different MODES and effects including flash, strobe, fade, smooth.
Sensitive IR sensor remote control and APP WIFI control, flexible, convenient to use.
Download the app by scanning the QR code on the LED controller freely, easy, quickly.
Low carbon, no radiation, no flicker, and no pollution to human and environment. 
Compatible for Android4.0 /IOS 9.0 or above cell phone.
Designed with overvoltage, overdrive, short circuit protection, safe and reliable.
Can be cut off in every 3 LEDs along the yellow cutting marks as you needed.
Mini size and light weight ensure that you can carry it easily.
Brightness adjustable, changing colors, switching the light effects, setting DIY modes, timing, time-delay function, sharing connected device to your love for experiencing the smart life with app.
Soft board and the adhesive tape on the back of the light or using the providing extra sticky adhesive to make installation simple.
Can work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, Tmall genie for voice control (All this devices are not included).
Be widely used to decorate home, coffee house, shop window or to take as a background light for light box.
Input voltage: AC100-240v 50-60Hz
Output voltage: DC12v 2a
Power: 36w
Quantity of LEDs: 150
Type of LED: SMD5050 RGB
Controller battery: 1 * 3v 150mAh CR2025
Remote control: IR 24 Keys remote control
Water resistance: IP65
Phone system support: For Android4.0 & IOS9.0 or above
App name: E-Welink
Working temperature: -15 -- 50
Working Humidity: 95%
Material: FPCB+PU
Interval of LEDs: 28mm/1.1in
Length of strip: 500CM / 197in
Plug type: UK, US, EU (optional)
Item size: 500 * 1 * 0.3cm /197 * 0.4 * 0.1in L * W * H
Item weight: 187g / 6.6oz
Package size: 16.5 * 16.5 * 6cm / 6.5 * 6.5 * 2.4 in L * W * H
Package weight: 450g (EU,US) / 470g (UK)
1. Please install all parts carefully before powering on and use carefully.
2. In practical applications, the power supply should retain 10% -20% of power for ensuring the LED lights with no external influence and maintain brightness.
3. The LED light strip only can be cut off in multiples of 3 from the first light.
4. Lamp with a power connection, should pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative polarity of the power supply 12V output; do not connect in wrong way or connect the LED lights directly to AC 220V.
5. When using more than 5 meters in length of LED lights connected to the power supply, you must use parallel connection.
6. Only support 2.4Ghz WIFI.
Package list:
1 * LED Strip                        
1 * RGB Remote Control
1 * Adapter
1 * RGB WIFI Controller       
2 * Pin      
6 * Adhesive tape
2 * RGB WIFI controller fixed buckle
1 * Instruction
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