Kemei 7 in 1 Electric Hair Curler Hair Curl Roller Hair Straightener Hair Drier Hairdressing Curling Machine Hair Styling Tool EU Plug


包装长*宽*高:37.00 * 30.30 * 7.00(CM) 毛重:1.028(KG)


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This product contains 7 replaceable machine heads, which is in different shapes. No matter whether long or short, curly or straight, bushy or sparse, it can meet your hairdressing needs. Why not have a look now?

Cool and hot wind:

You can choose cool or hot wind as you like.
2 modes for hot wind:
There are 2 modes of hot wind can be chose according to your needs.
Large curling head for long hair:
The large curling head for long hair can help you create a long and curly effect.
Large curling head for medium hair:
This curling head is design the hair which is not long and not short. Using it with hot wind can help you create a natural curly effect.
Small curling head:
The small curling head is suitable to create a small curly effect, especially suitable for medium hair.
Curling head for bushy hair:
If your hair is bushy, this curling head is the best helper for you to make your hair styling.
Straightening head:
This head can make your hair straight. Combining it with other curling head can help you get an unexpected effect.
Comb head:
It is suitable to use after hair washing, helping you deal with the knot of your hair.
Drying head:
The wind blew from this drying head can make your hair submissive.

Type: Hairdressing Tool
Model: KM-585
Material: Plastics
Color: Purple
Input: Alternating Current 230V
Voltage: 1000W
Plug Type: EU
Weight of the Main Body: Approx. 339g / 12oz
Total Size: Approx. 37 * 30.3 * 7cm / 146 * 11.9 * 2.8in (L * W * H)
Total Weight: Approx. 1014g / 35.8oz

Package List:
1 * Main Body
1 * Large Curling Head for Long Hair
1 * Large Curling Head for Medium Hair
1 * Small Curling Head
1 * Curling Head for Bushy Hair
1 * Straightening Head
1 * Comb Head
1 * Drying Head
1 * User Manual
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