USB Operated Indoor 360° LED UV Silent Mosquito Killer Lamp Electronic Chemical-free Non-toxic Bug Zapper Insect Inhaler Trap Fly Catcher with Hanging Handle--Black


包装长*宽*高:19.50 * 13.00 * 13.00(CM) 毛重:0.362(KG)


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Protecting you against annoying and disease-carrying insects, this mosquito killer lamp is a great choice! It adopts human bionic technology, LED light and strong suction fan, the mosquitoes will be inhaled into the tray and dehydrated and eventually die. Compared with traditional pest repellent or bug zapper, it is much safer and more silent. Perfect for indoor use.

Effective and Fast: it uses the human bionic technology and UV LED light to increase the attraction of mosquitoes, and suck them into the tray by strong fan and they will dehydrate and eventually die.
Safe & Silent: it uses physical way to kill insects. No noise, poisons, harmful chemicals or radiation, extremely safe for kids, pregnant women and pets and won't disturb your sleep.
Wide Application: perfect for indoor use, such as bedroom, living room, baby's room, hotel, office, warehouse, etc.
USB Operated: can be powered by any USB devices like power bank, computer, ect. Plug and play, convenient to use.
Easy to Clean: whole device is water washable, and the storage tray can be removed for disposing dead mosquitoes and cleaning.
With Handle: designed with a handle, which allows you to hang it on wall.

1. Please ensure the unit is unplugged and turned off while cleaning.
2. It takes about 6 hours to dehydrate mosquitoes, please keep the lamp running.
3. For better effect, we suggest you to turn on the lamp in advance of 5 o'clock in the evening(the mosquitoes are most active at this time).
4. Don't place the lamp by you, for the mosquitoes, you are much more attractive than the lamp.

Material: ABS
Color: Black / White (Optional)
Input Voltage: DC5V
Work Current: 0.3~0.5A
Power: 5W
Effective Range: 20~40 square meters
Item Size: 19 * 13 * 13cm / 7.5 * 5.1 * 5.1in
Item Weight: 380g / 13.4oz
Package Size: 19.5 * 13 * 13cm / 17.7 * 5.1 * 5.1in
Package Weight: 500g / 17.6oz

Package List:
1 * Mosquito Killer Lamp
1 * USB Cable
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