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This WiFi Smart Plug will make your home become a Smart Home immediately. Compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo/Google Home, which enables you to instantly turn on/off your devices via voice control, and also it works with IFTTT too. Besides, it can remotely control your devices connected to the smart plug on or off(both phone and smart plug have connected WiFi) by using the free smart APP on your smartphone. No Hub required, easy to use.

This smart plug is compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo/Google Home, which enables you to instantly turn on/off your devices via voice control.
Suitable for iOS/Android smartphones. The Mobile APP can remotely control the ON/OFF status of the smart plug as long as both mobile and smart plug are connecting network.
Allows you through the Mobile APP to schedule the smart plug to automatically switch on/off the devices based on your specific time.
And also you can replace the smart plug name based on your needs through the mobile APP.
Easy installation and stable connection, it can control different home electronics devices, such as lamps, Christmas Lighting, washing machine, coffee maker, etc.
No hub or accessories required, it works with any WiFi router without the need for a separate hub or paid subscription service.
The smart plug supports power saving function, preventing overcharging and overheating to save your electric bills and extend product life.
Compact and mini design, made of ABS+PC flame resistance material, safe to use.

Material: ABS+PC Flame Resistance Material
Type: 1#, 2# (Optional)
Color: White
Plug Standard: US Plug
InputVoltage: 110V-125V
Output Voltage: 110V-125V
Output Current: Max. 10A(Type 1#); Max. 16A(Type 2#)
Wireless Type: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Item Weight: 58g / 2.05oz          
Item Size: 48 * 48 * 32mm / 1.89 * 1.89 * 1.26in              
Package Weight: 71g / 2.50oz       
Package Size: 5.7 * 5.1 * 5.1cm / 2.24 * 2.01 * 2.01in           

Note: Please download and install the APP to your phone according to the user manual.

Package List:
1 * Smart Home Plug
1 * User Manual(English)
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