Pudaier 2 in 1 16 Color New Double Ended Sexy Lasting Matte Lipstick Waterproof Lipliner Lipstick Pencil


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This Pudaier lip makeup combines lipstick with lip liner, convenient to use and carry for anywhere, just bring it home and decorate your beauty now!
2 in 1 design, comes with lipstick and lipliner, convenient to use.
Super pigmented and really do stain, dries super fast and stays on well.
Waterproof, this lip gross can last for hours, Little removal when you drink and eat.
Soft and smooth pen point, easy and quick to draw line on your lip.
16 colors for optional, free to choose your favorite color to add your beauty.
Brand: Pudaier
Type:Lip Makeup
Color: 1#;2#;3#;4#;5#;6#;7#;8#;9#;10#;11# 12# 13# 14# 15# 16# (Optional)
Package Size: 14.5 *13* 6.5cm / 5.7 * 5.1 * 2.6in
Weight: 15.2g / 0.5oz
How to use:
Depending upon how it's applied, this versatile formula goes from providing full coverage to creating a stained lip.
 Package Includes:
1 * Lip Liner (Double-end)
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