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This tool can be extended to a nice length for easy blowing and has a storage tube to protect it when not in use, is a essential tool in fire starting kit.

Made of quality stainless steel with high strength, anti-rust and resistant to heat.
This fire tube can help you easily blow air to bonfire.
Multiple sections design makes it not hot and does not burn you after use.
With collapsible design, can be folded into pocket size for easy carrying and storage.
Comes with a little plastic holder and can protect you from the heat.
Suitable for outdoor use-camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Material: stainless steel
Item length: 93mm / 3.66in
Extention Length: 485mm / 19.09in
Package Weight: 26g / 0.92ounce
Package Size: 130 * 18 * 18mm / 5.12 * 0.71 * 0.71in

1. Please allow 1-10mm error due to manual measurement, thanks for your understanding!

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1 * Fire Tube
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