RD DPS8005-USB LCD Digital Programmable Constant Voltage Current Step-down Power Supply Module Voltmeter Ammeter Buck Converter DC 0-80.00V 0-5.100A USB Communication Version


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This constant voltage and constant current programmable control power supply module makes analog integration and digital control functions combined in one. This module has power-down stored function that it can store 10 groups of preset values and extract 2 groups of stored values. With LCD display, user can view the preset voltage/current, output voltage/current, output power, input voltage, etc. This product, with small size, advanced functions, good visual effect, high operability, and high precision, can not only be used independently, but also inset into the device for wide application range.

Fast operation for voltage and current settings.
Make analog integration and digital control functions combined in one.
Adjustable output voltage range from 0-80.00V, adjustable output current range from 0-5.100A.
Set default boot open or close the output.
The module can storage 10 groups of preset values and it can quickly extract 2 groups of preset values.
LCD display and voltage/current meter function, you can view the preset voltage/current, input voltage, output voltage/current, output power, etc.
In the output state display area, it is convenient for you to know whether the output works, constant voltage/current output state, current data group extracted, etc.
With advanced functions, high accuracy, wide application, the item is really practical for use.

It is better to make the input voltage lower than the Max. value, otherwise the item maybe be damaged.

Notice Before Ordering:
1. There are 3 version , No communication version, communication + USB version,  communication + USB+ BT.
2. For no communication version, there is no commnunication program and hardware to support, not any communication function, can't be updated.
3. This is file for upper computer installation and software, you can download : //www.mediafire.com/folder/i1766ch7ec97a/DPS8005_file
4. Upper computer installation, connection by USB and BT video: https://youtu.be/7SZcuMmvhtw

1. When you get the product in the first time, please don't use your hands to touch the components, because human static electricity can damage some chips.
2. You must make sure that the input voltage is 1.1 times higher than output voltage. Under large current circumstances, pay attention to heat elimination.  
3. If you use AC-DC converter or transformer coil, please add rectifier (rectifier bridge) and filter (more than 4700uf filter capacitor). If input power supply is unstable, please add LC, L is over 47uf, C is over 2200 uf.

Very Important:
1.Before buying this product, please download the upper computer software and test, if it fits your computer , you can buy.
2. the upper computer only support for Win7 and above.

Brand Name: RD
Model Type: DPS8005 / DPS8005-USB / DPS8005-USB-BT (Optional)
Function: No Communication Version (DPS8005) / USB Communication Version (DPS8005-USB)/ USB+BT Communication Version (DPS8005-USB-BT)
Input Voltage: DC10-90V
Output Voltage: 0-80.00V 
Output Current: 0-5.100A
Output Power: 0-408W
Voltage Resolution: 0.01V
Current Resolution: 0.001A
IN+: Input Positive
IN-: Input Negative
OUT+: Output Positive
OUT-: Output Negative
Output Voltage Accuracy: ± (0.5% + 2 digits)
Output Current Accuracy: ± (0.8% + 3 digits)
Operating Temperature: -10℃ - 60℃
Item Size: 79 * 43 * 54mm / 3.1 * 1.7 * 2.1in
Open Size: 71 * 39mm / 2.8 * 1.8in
Item Weight: 140g / 4.94oz
Package Size: 10 * 10 * 6cm / 3.9 * 3.9 * 2.4in
Package Weight: 145g, 150g, 155g

Package List:
1 * Power Supply Module
1 * User Manual (English) 
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