Manual projection screen 203x203 ceiling or wall mounting White


包装长*宽*高:220.00 * 14.50 * 13.00(CM) 毛重:6.550(KG)


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This projection screen is ideal for training classrooms, home theater movies, public exhibition, conference presentations, etc. The screen is 1.0 gain, so that an optimum image quality is guaranteed. His vision white matte surface diffuses the projected light uniformly. The assembly is designed for both the roof and the wall and has a light steel box for easy installation. It has a black edge hidden from 4 sides increases focus and image comparison. In addition, its self-locking design allows the screen is fixed in any position. The screen surface is easy to clean; simply wipe with water. The smooth surface is made of special fabric resistant to light and mildew, which is static and anti-acid and also resistant to anti dust accumulation. Size: 203 x 203 cm size for 194 x 194 cm Diagonal 108 "Viewing angle: 125 degrees Aspect Ratio: 1: 1 Material: Polyester: 30% PVC 70%, is a projection screen you can pull down manual. it is very suitable for home, office or school presentations. it has a wall or ceiling installation.
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