Professional Cosmetic Brush Face Makeup Blusher Powder Foundation Tool Small Flat Top Wood+Aluminum


包装长*宽*高:19.00 * 1.50 * 1.50(CM) 毛重:0.020(KG)


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The flat surface gives you maximum coverage for any areas that need a little extra.
The small shape helps you cover the right amount of service area for spot concealing.
Adopts high quality material, ultra soft and smooth.
Loads powder easily and distributes evenly.
Suitable for both professional use and home use.
Easy to use and convenient to carry.

Kindly tip: Use this brush in a stamping motion to help blend out concealer without removing layers of coverage.

Item Type: Cosmetic brush
Quantity: 1 piece
Bristle material: Nylon hair
Handle material: Aluminum ferrule + wooden handle
Used with: Blusher & Foundation & Powder
Color: Black + gold
Hair diameter: Approx. 1.5cm / 0.59in
Hair length: Approx. 1.5cm / 0.59in
Total Length:  Approx. 19cm / 7.48oz
Item weight: Approx. 11g / 0.38oz

Package includes:
1 * Cosmetic brush
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