Baby Stroller High View Pram One Step Fold Lightweight Convertible Baby Carriage with Multi-Positon Reclining Seat Extended Canopy for Infant Toddler Dark grey


包装长*宽*高:60.00 * 42.00 * 23.00(CM) 毛重:7.038(KG)


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Brief Introduction:
This lightweight baby stroller is very easy to push and maneuver, with aluminium alloy frame, multi-positon reclining seat, shockproof wheels, damping springs, large extended canopy, foot-operated brake, 5-point safety harness and easy one hand folding.

High View Stroller - Stroller seat is as high as desk, provide baby a better view of the world and let them away from the vehicle exhaust.
Multi-Positon Reclining Seat - 3 position adjustable recline for sleeping, leaning or sitting for differnent aged baby. Larger and wider basket make stroller like a travelling crib.
Foldable Baby Stroller - Easy one hand to fold and unfold, dwon to 27.2*19.3*11.4inand lightweight of 10.8lb.
Stable Drive - Large wheels and damping springs provide baby a stable ride even on rough or uneven surfaces and it is feature in ease of pushing and maneuvering.
Large Canopy - Extend canopy for maximum UV protection. A peek-a-boo window so you can easily keep a watchful eye on your baby.
Good Quality Baby Carriage - Aluminum alloy frame with metal baking finish, scratch resistance for long service.

Storage basket - roomy, sturdy, easily accessible storage basket underneath makes storage easier.
Bottle holder - convenient for you and for your child.
Mosquito net - to protect from nasty bug bites, bees and mosquitos bother ever again.
Shoulder pads - put it on safety belt to protect baby.
Mattress - padded cotton mattress is skin-friendly, soft, comfortable.

Color: Black / Blue / Dark grey / Green / Grey / Kahika / Light pink / Pink / Red (Optional)
Material: Fabric + Aluminum Alloy
For Age: 0-36 Months
Load-bearing: 15-25kg
Folding Size: 69 * 49 * 28cm / 27.2 * 19.3 * 11.4in
Product Size: 102 * 62 * 49cm / 40.2 * 24.4 * 19.3in
Product Weight: 5.2kg / 11.5lb
Package Size: 42 * 23 * 60cm / 16.5 * 9.1 * 23.6in
Package Weight: 6kg / 13.2lb

Package List:
1 * Stroller
1 * Bottle holder
1 * Storage basket
1 * Mosquito net
1 * Mattress
2 * Shoulder pads
2 * Handrail cover
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