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The intelligent eye massager uses low-frequency vibration motor, environmentally-friendly PU air-bag and graphemes carbon fiber far-infrared heating wire, and micro-computer chip control technology to help the eye muscles relax and stay away from eye discomfort by performing. The constant temperature hot compress can effectively improve the temperature around the eye. With the micro-motor vibration massage and the air-bag simulation like people to acupressure. It can drive eye muscles together to sport give people a full range of comfort.

180° and foldable, suitable for a variety of tip types.
Five modes, automatic mode, clear mode, vitality mode, beauty mode, sleep mode, that you can choose the different mode by your needs.
With air pressure, hot compress, acupoint rubbing, vibration massage, magnetic field, meditation music, intelligent speech, touching control.
With indicator switch, switch/music/mode key and USB charging port.
You can listening the music when using this product and relax the pressure of body and mind.
Application: student, computer operator, accountant, designer, clerk, secretary, teacher, insomnia patients and myopic patients.
Long term use can dredge the meridians, improve circulation, promote eye metabolism, relieve eye fatigue, recovery ciliary muscle elastic, remove pouch.
This product is suitable for people who use computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices for a long time. It can effectively avert long-term use of the eyes, wearing glasses, insomnia, myopia, hyperopic, dark circles, under-eye bags and other eye problems caused by eye fatigue, blurred vision, etc.

Model: AR206
Name: music eye massager
Rated Power: 5W
Cell(built-in): 1 * 5V 1200mAH lithium cell
Item Weight: 370g / 0.8lb
Package Weight: 625g / 1.4lb
Item Size: 230 * 135 * 90mm / 9.1 * 5.3 * 3.5in
Package Size: 80 * 70 * 70mm / 3.1 * 2.8 * 2.8in

Preparation and Charging Before Use
Align the eye protector with your eyes, bring the main unit, adjust the elastic band to the most comfortable size, and adjust the main unit up, down, left and right to the most comfortable position.
Please remove the glasses, contact lenses, hairpins, hair accessories, etc. before wearing to avert discomfort during use.
Do not use this product when your hands are wet. Do not drop and step on the product.
During the charging process, the indicator light flashes: After the charging is completed, the indicator light is always on.
During the charging process, the product cannot be turned on.
Charging during product work, The product will automatically stop working.
Charging time is 3-5 hours. After charging is completed, disconnect the power adapter.

Please allow 1-30mm differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

Package List:
1 * Eye Massager
1 * Data Cable
1 * User Manual

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