Tattoo Machine Kit Conventional Hook Line Rotary Tattoo Machine Gun Tattoo Machine Color Wheel Exercise Tattoo Tools for Tattoo Artist Beginner


包装长*宽*高:21.30 * 14.00 * 11.50(CM) 毛重:0.626(KG)


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This tattoo machine kit is ideal for everyday practice for tattoo beginners and tattoo artists, as it comes in a variety of styles, including all the preparations for tattoos. With such a tattoo kit, you can learn immediately. According to the matching color practice, you can quickly grasp the color of the tattoo pattern. Available in black and gold.

* The complete kit, one-time solution to tattoo needs, convenient and fast.
* The tattoo machine is a lightweight zinc alloy material, which can not cause soreness when the wrist is working for a long time. It can be connected to the conventional hook line.
* Tattoo machine handle connection 9mm round, can be docked with conventional 8mm steel pipe tattoo handle, special design, more fashionable.
* The color wheel is suitable for drawing color, paint, tattoo, nail, and color when used as a reference. The color of the color card is accurate, the front is the color reference, and the back is the color reference.
* Suitable for professional tattoo artists, beginners, tattoo shops.

Starting Voltage: 1.0V
Needle Length: 3.5mm
Load Current: 360mA max
Working Load Speed 6500±8% rpm
Product Size (including product packaging): 21.3 * 14 * 11.5cm
Color: Black, Gold (Optional)

Package List
Hook Line Tattoo Machine * 1pc
Tattoo Five-claw Aluminum Handle * 1pc
Random Model Practice Tattoo Needle * 10pcs + Random Matching Model Practice Tattoo Needle Mouth * 10pcs
2mm Tattoo Hex Wrench 2pcs + Random Color Tattoo Fixed Rubber Band 10pcs + Random Color Tattoo Pin Pad * 10pcs
Black Plastic Striped Rectangular Tattoo Pedal * 1pc
Curved Pointer Black Mini Power * 1pc + Tattoo Power Cord * 1pc
Black Steel Tattoo Hook Line * 1pc
A Guide to Mixing Color * 1pc
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