PD140 High Sensitivity Handheld Metal Detector Station Metro Airport Safety Check Portable Tester


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This is a hand-held metal detector with high sensitivity, wide range of use, stable performance and easy to use.

Ergonomically designed, easy to use, no need to adjust.
High sensitivity, strong shock resistance, low power consumption, firm and practical.
Light weight, large detection probe area, fast detection speed.
With three indicators: when the battery is low, the yellow indicator flashes; when the green light is on, it indicates standby use; when the red light is on, it indicates the alarm indication.
Two alarm modes are available: LED light and audible alarm, vibration alarm.
The detection distance will not be changed when the battery voltage drops from 9V to about 7V.
There are three sensitivity options: high, medium and low, suitable for different places.
It can be used for safety check of airports, stations and factories; mobile phone and electronic products inspection in schools, examination rooms and conference rooms; steel bars and wall inspections at construction sites; precious metal processing, gold and silver jewelry warehouse inspection.

Material: ABS
Color: grey
Battery: 1 * 9V battery (not included)
Detection distance:
Ultra-thin blade: 10-50mm / 0.4-2.0in
Six-four pistols: 50-200mm / 2.0-7.9in
Six inch dagger: 30-150mm / 1.2-5.9in
Cigarette: 50-150mm / 2.0-5.9in
Disposable hit fire machine: 10-30mm / 0.4-1.2in
Mobile phone: 30-100mm / 1.2-3.9in
Alarm mode: sound and light alarm at the same time, indicator light alarm and vibration alarm at the handle
Indicator light: power indicator (green), alarm indicator (red), low battery indicator (flashing yellow)
Radiation magnetic induction intensity test: 2.0μT
Working voltage: DC 7~12V
Working temperature: -22℃~57℃
Total length: 340mm / 13.4in
Item weight: 300g / 10.6ounce
Package size: 390 * 125 * 85mm / 15.4 * 4.9 * 3.3in
Package weight: 448g / 1.0lb

Package list:
1 * Handheld Metal Detector
1 * User Manual
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