DC Buck Converter DC-DC Step Down Voltage Regulator 5V-36V to 1.2V-32V Buck Converter Reducer Power Supply Module Supply Module with LED Display USB Output & CC CV Mode


包装长*宽*高:8.00 * 5.00 * 3.00(CM) 毛重:0.084(KG)


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Multifunction: Used as a normal buck module with overcurrent protection;used as charger for various voltage values;used as a high power LED constant current drive module.
Easy Use: Voltage, current,power meter mount on the board,ccould convenience used without the multimeter,and mount USB port,charge your digital products easierly.
LCD Display: the buck converter is designed with LCD, can display input and output voltage, output current and output power.
Safe Protection: With current limiting protection, the module will not burn out even if the output is shorted.
Indicator Light: Constant voltage and constant current 2 modes,with indicators to indicate which mode the module is currently in.

Material: PCB
Input Voltage:DC5-36V
Output Voltage: DC1.25-32V(can be arbitrary adjustable)
Output Current: adjustable, 5A Max(please use it within 4.5A) 
Output Power: 75W Max(please use it within 50W, if the pressure difference is big,please reduce power) 
Working Temperature:-40°C - +85°C 
Working Frequency: 180KHz 
Conversion Efficiency: Up to 96% 
Short Circuit Protection : Yes 
Overheating Protection: Yes (automatically turn off the output after over temperature)
Input Reverse Polarity Protection: No(if necessary, please in input String into high current diode) 
Installation: 4pcs 3mm screws 
Wiring: terminal block or solder terminals, V-IN is the input, V-OUT is output 
Item Size: 67.8*40*13mm / 2.67*1.57*0.51in
Item Weight: 75g / 2.65*oz 
Package Weight: 79g / 2.79oz
Package Size: 80*50*30mm / 3.15*1.97*1.18in

Package List:
1 *  DC Converter
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