Intex Explorer Pro 100 inflatable boat 160 x 94 x 29 cm 58355NP


包装长*宽*高:37.20 * 30.48 * 31.70(CM) 毛重:8.060(KG)


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This Explorer Pro 100 58355NP inflatable dinghy of the brand Intex will be ideal for a small trip in the pool or on a quiet lake. The Explorer Pro 100 can accommodate 1 person and has a maximum load capacity of 80 kg. The inflatable dinghy is made of durable vinyl that makes the canoe very sturdy and durable. It is equipped with a Boston inflation valve and rapid deflation on the chamber of the main hull. It has 3 tubes for more security. The inflatable floor makes the canoe more comfortable. The boat is also equipped with a catch line all around to facilitate the transport of the boat. A repair patch is also included in the delivery.
  • Orange color
  • Material: vinyl
  • Dimensions: 160 x 94 x 29 cm (L x W x H)
  • Maximum load capacity: 80 kg
  • 3 inner tubes including an inner auxiliary chamber in the main hull
  • Boston valve inflating and deflating quickly on the main hull chamber
  • Catch line all around
  • Inflatable I-section floor for comfort and stiffness
  • Handle on the bow
  • Welded racks
  • Repair patch included
  • Article number Intex: 58355NP
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