Intex Krystal Clear ECO 26668GS salt chlorination system 缺货

Intex Krystal Clear ECO 26668GS salt chlorination system


包装长*宽*高:38.71 * 32.04 * 29.51(CM) 毛重:9.000(KG)


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This 26668GS Krystal Clear saline chlorination system uses a unique, two-stage technology to sanitize pool water. This system uses a practically undetectable amount of all natural salt in a very environmentally friendly process, resulting in a soft, fresh and clean water. The self-cleaning function prolongs the life of the system. A salt water system is perfect for keeping the pools clean. It is economical and much more ecological. Note that this filter is only suitable for elevated pools.
  • Power: 12 V
  • Chlorine production: 5 g / h
  • Suitable for swimming pools with a capacity of up to 26,500 L
  • Suitable for the pump with a flow rate between 2,650 and 11,355 L / h
  • 24-hour automatic cycle
  • Use a virtually undetectable amount of natural salt
  • Much softer for skin, eyes, clothes and hair
  • Economic and ecological
  • Only suitable for elevated pools
  • Intex article number: 26668GS
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