Outdoor Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Mat Air Emergency Cushion Camping Mattress Floating Pad


包装长*宽*高:18.00 * 14.00 * 13.00(CM) 毛重:0.495(KG)


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Two inlet valves, easy to inflate and deflate, can be a relaxing pad on beach, ground or a sleeping pad during camping or fishing. Super lightweight for convenient carry. 

Strong air resistance, anti oxidation, waterproof, moisture proof.
Strong mechanical properties, high blasting resistance, puncture resistance, strong tear resistance, and load-bearing 260lb.
Good heat sealing performance, softness and good transparency.
Light and easy to carry, only 9.8oz.
Widely used in field trips, outdoor camping, disaster prevention and emergency, office lunch break and temporary sleeping pad.

Size: 2000 * 600 * 60mm / 78.74 * 23.62 * 2.36in
Membrane thickness: 75um
Load-bearing: 120kg / 260lb
Material: PE/PA 7 layer co-extrusion high resistance diaphragm
Color: transparency
Gas Tsui: milk white PE

Weight: 280g / 9.8oz
Package size: 180*140*130mm/7.08 * 5.51 * 5.11in

Package List: 
1 * Inflatable Cushion 

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