Multifunctional Leg Pillow Contour-Legacy Slow Rebound Pillow Knee Pillow for Side Sleeping


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This leg pillow cushion is a perfect choice for a side sleeper. It can effectively restore your body's natural alignment and properly aligns your back, hips, legs and knees. Perfectly suitable for side sleeping, providing perfect support for your legs and knees.

Made of fine quality material, soft and comfortable.
It can comfortably support your legs & knees to provide proper sleeping alignment & positioning to eliminate those painful pressure points.
Ergonomic design with curved shape, suitable for both men & women.
Provide perfect support for your legs and knees, and you can sleep comfortable in any position and move freely. 
It is designed with multiple ventilated air holes, which can promote air circulation, providing a cooler sleep at night.
The zippered pillow case is removable and can be cleaned easily.

Material: Memory foam
Color: White, white grid, Navy blue grid, grey grid(optional)
Package size: 250 * 200 * 150mm / 9.84 * 7.87 * 5.9inches
Package weight: 320g / 11.2ounce

Package List:
1 * Pillow

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