Finger Match Board Toy Math Readiness Children Finger Counting Toy 1 to 10


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The finger counting toy makes baby clearly identify numerals by the change of finger and digital number, make counting fun with this finger match activity and do preperation for math learning. 

Children can learn about numbers, counting, patterns, and categories by matching different numbers with the fingers. 
Simple digital cards can make baby more aware of simple changes between numbers.
Nice tool to get your kids involved in learning.
Children will identify numerals learn to count 1-10.
With this finger match, they can practice visual discrimination using context clues and develop fine motor skills with finger-wrist dexterity and eye-hand coordination.

Material: Plush
Item Size: 260 * 205mm / 10.24 * 8.07in
Package Weight: 98g / 3.46ounces
Package Size: 260 * 205 * 30mm / 10.24 * 8.07 * 1.18in

Package List:
1 * Palm Board
10 * Cloth Numerals
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