Baby Inflatable Water Play Mat Tummy Time Baby Fun Mat Child Development Play Center with Manual Inflator Pump for 0~3 Years Old Infants


包装长*宽*高:20.00 * 18.00 * 4.00(CM) 毛重:0.269(KG)


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A thoughtful gift that will make your baby happy! Tummy time is essential for developing strong head, neck, and shoulder muscles as well as defining certain motor skills. Fun Water Play Mat is the perfect tummy time activity with little foam fish toys inside.

A gift that can make your baby enjoy playing on water without getting wet and make them cool in summer.
Help your baby strengthen neck and arm muscles, prevent flat head, improve motor skills, develop hand-eye coordination and promote crawling.
It has lovely marine life patterns and cute floating toys that will appear to be moving due to the water effect and your baby will be fascinated by the colors and movement.
Made of heavy-duty materials, leak-proof, wear-resistant, non-toxic, no harm to babies.
Fill it with water in the middle first and inflat on the sides with the included hand pinch inflator pump.
When on unfilled & uninflated state, it can be folded into small one for convenient carry.

Note: the inflator pump color will be sent at random: pink, green, yellow or red.

Material: PVC
Color: Blue
Suitable Age: 0~3 years old
Item Size: 65 * 60cm / 25.59 * 23.62in
Package Size: 20 * 18 * 4cm / 7.87 * 7.09 * 1.57in
Package Weight: 250g / 8.82oz

Package List:
1 * Water Play Mat
1 * Inflator Pump
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