Intex Solar roof cover 28051


包装长*宽*高:43.40 * 25.40 * 27.40(CM) 毛重:15.590(KG)


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This Intex 28051 solar roof winder is adjustable in size and is designed to easily attach to the metal structure of your pool and will be a breeze to cover and discover your pool. The winder has a robust construction, easy to install and use. A locking device on the handle prevents the cover from inadvertently taking place. This retractor will extend the life of your solar blankets and your pool. Enjoy the benefits of your solar pool cover with the hassle-free solar cover winder! Please note that solar cover is not included.
  • Robust construction with interlocking aluminum shaft
  • Extends the life of the solar cover considerably
  • Crank made of non-corrosive plastic with lock
  • Suitable for pools with a rectangular frame 274-488 cm wide
  • Easy to install and use
  • Solar cover not included
  • Article number Intex: 28051
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