Horse bridle 2 pcs Pony size Red Nylon


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Our horse bridle set, made of high quality 100% nylon with chrome material, is an ideal accessory for your horse in competition or in the stable. This stable horse bridle set is soft and comfortable thanks to nubuck padding on the head and noseband. The loops allow you to easily adjust the straps on horseback. Our horseback bridles have decorative patterns that make them look attractive, but also make them more visible. The delivery includes 2 bridles on horseback.
  • Color: Red, (with multicolored decorative patterns)
  • Material: 100% nylon of 1 "
  • Size: Pony
  • Head and noseband in nubuck
  • Chrome hardware
  • Adjustable
  • Delivery includes 2 bridles on horseback
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