Flotation aid vests for children 4 units 100 N 20-30 kg


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This set consists of 4 flotation aid vests for children with a performance level of 100 that will make these personal flotation equipment perfect for children when they go sailing, surfing, boating, swimming or practicing other water sports. The flotation aid vests are made 100% polyester with PE foam padding. They have durable and soft YKK zippers. The three reflective stripes increase visibility, especially at night. The adjustable belt ensures proper placement so that the vest remains in place, even if the child falls into the water. The flotation aid vests are also equipped with a useful whistle for emergency situations. The flotation aid vests have been tested by a certified body in accordance with the European standard EN ISO 12402-4. Delivery includes 4 flotation aid vests. The flotation aid vests are intended to use situations in which it is necessary to wait for rescue in protected waters. The device should not be used in adverse conditions.

  • Orange
  • Material: PE foam filled fabric
  • Buoyancy Level: 100 N
  • Suitable for people of 20-30 kg
  • With three 3M reflective stripes (5x5 cm, 5x5 cm, 10x5 cm)
  • With a YKK zipper
  • With adjustable belt
  • With an emergency whistle
  • Tested by a certified body in accordance with European standard EN ISO 12402-4
  • For size information see the size specifications
  • Important! The sizes mentioned in the size chart are the product sizes
  • Size tolerance +/- 1-2 cm
  • Shipping includes 4 units
  • Material: Polyester: 100%
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