Smart HD 1080P Wireless Video Intercom WI-FI Video Door Phone Visual Door Bell WIFI Doorbell Camera for Apartments IR Alarm Wireless Security Camera with Batteries Silver


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1.To purchase this product, it is recommended to purchase an additional wifi signal amplifier to ensure the stability of the doorbell video signal transmission.
2.It is recommended to purchase an additional doorbell chime to hear the sound of the doorbell more clearly.                    
3.If you have DC/AC12-24V, 1A/2A power adapter, you can power the doorbell directly with the power adapter, no 18650 battery is needed.
4.If you are outdoor, you have to connect doorbell with home WIFI, so that you can check the doorbell working state with your phone. Meanwhile, you can also receive the information which comes from the doorbell.

This wifi doorbell can connect home WiFi and achieve a two way intercom between the doorbell and cell phone. When a visitor presses the doorbell, sound is activated and the camera will start sending real time images and call to the cell phone. The user will receive the call and can check who the visitor is, can intercom with the visitor and remotely unlock the door. It can make your life easier, smarter and safer. It's highly cost effective!

Day and night mode automatic switching, whether day or night, the image is shown clealy, great for your safety and family security.
Supports PIR motion detection, when someone hovers at the door, it will immediately send notifications to the mobile phone.
HD 1080P image quality, million HD pixels collocated with 166 degree wide-angle lens, supports night vision.
Supports WiFi connection, Android IOS APP remote control. Easy to install and use.
Support mobile phone remote control and fast wake up device within 1 second.
Powered by three 18650 specification batteries(included).
High quality two-way talk with noise cancellation.
2.4G Wi-Fi connection.

Resolution: 1920 * 1080
Field of Angle View: 166°
IR LED: 6 * 850mm
Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/ g/ n
Audio: 2-way talk with noise cancellation
Recording: Device SD Card Recording (20 seconds)
Storage: Cloud Storage or 8G / 16G / 32G TF Card
Battery: 3 * 18650 Lithium Battery (Included)
Device Wakeup: Device Button, Motion Detection, Remote Live View
Monitoring: within 600ms
Notifications: Power Consumption Standby 200μA, Working 170mA
Mobile Phone App: XSHcam
Color: Black, Siver (Optional)

Package Information:
Package Size: 19 * 11 * 5cm / 7.48 * 4.33 * 1.97in
Package Weight: 400g / 14.11oz / 0.88lb

Package List:
1 * Wifi DoorBell
3 * 18650 Lithium Battery
1 * Screw Bag
4 * Installation Accessory
1 * User Manual
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