11+1BB 5.1:1 Spinning Fishing Reel Interchangeable Left/Right Handle Front Rear Drag Sea Rock Fishing Spinning Reel


包装长*宽*高:17.00 * 17.00 * 13.00(CM) 毛重:0.789(KG)


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Super strong axle with tough gear is capable to fight with big game fish, large fishing reel designed for sea fishing and reservoir fishing.

11+1 solid ball bearing, 5.1:1 gear ratio ensures unhindered rotation and free operation.
Aluminum alloy spool, corrosion resistant, and 1.2in wide spool can spool more line on.
Folding handle, left/right interchangeable, with big grip for effortless performance.
Anti-reverse lever is able to negative control fishing reel.
Very strong to fight with big fishes with sea fishing rod, boat fishing rod or steam fishing rod.

Material: Aluminum alloy 
Ball bearing: 11+1 
Gear ratio: 5.1:1 
Line capacity: 
LBS/YDS 14/450, 17/415, 20/328
mm/M 0.32/410, 0.35/380, 0.45/300 
Reel foot: 7.5cm / 2.9in 
Size: 18.5 * 14.5cm / 7.2 * 5.7in 
Weight: 650g / 1.4lb 
Package weight: 765g / 1.6lb 

Package List:
1 * Fishing Reel 
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