5 PCS Yoga Equipment Set Yoga Trigger Roller Yoga Spiky Ball Cotton Stretching Strap Athletic Muscle Bandage Resistance Band Yoga Pilates Gym Fitness Equipment


包装长*宽*高:30.00 * 10.00 * 10.00(CM) 毛重:0.717(KG)


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Package include yoga trigger roller, yoga spiky ball, cotton stretching strap, athletic muscle bandage and resistance stretching band. This yoga kit designed for anyone who wants to get into the world of yoga and start living a healthy life, and you can practice safely with comfort in your own home.

5pcs yoga kit include: 1*yoga trigger roller, 1*yoga spiky ball, 1*cotton stretching strap, 1*Resistance stretching band, 1*athletic muscle bandage.
Yoga trigger roller: EVA foam constructed, trigger points on it help in speedy healing of muscle tissue injuries and also improves blood circulation.
Yoga spiky ball: Spiky outer layer offer a stimulation massage of your feet to increase circulation throughout entire body and roll away deep muscle knots.
Yoga cotton strap: Provide great assistance for holding the poses longer and with comfort to increase flexibility of your body.
Resistance stretching band: 59in long latex band for men and women to tone, strengthen and rehab core, upper body, lower body, leg or arms.

Material: PVC + Rubber + Cotton 
Color: Blue / Purple / Green / Orange / Pink / Black (optional)
Yoga roller: 30 * 10cm / 11.8 * 3.9in 
Yoga spiky ball: 7cm / 2.7in 
Cotton strap: 183 * 3.8cm / 72 * 1.4in 
Muscle bandage length: 500cm / 16ft 
Muscle bandage width: 2.5cm / 0.9in 
Resistance band: 150 * 15cm / 59 * 5.9in 
Package weight: 700g / 1.5lb

Package List:  
1 * Yoga Trigger Roller
1 * Yoga Spiky Ball 
1 * Cotton Stretching Strap
1 * Muscle Bandage
1 * Resistance Stretching Band
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