T-bao Portable Monitor 1920x1080 HD IPS 15.6-inch Display Touch Screen Monitor 8000mAh Rechargeable Battery with Leather Case for PS4/Xbox/Phone


包装长*宽*高:40.00 * 27.00 * 8.00(CM) 毛重:1.759(KG)


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Enjoy a more convenient life. This portable monitor is sleek and easy to carry. 1920*1080 high definition gives you great view experience. With built-in 8000mAh lithium battery, the monitor can work for a longer time.Being portable, you can take it for travel or business trip. It is wonderful to play game and watch movie on the bed.
Type-c port supports mobile phone and computer mirror mode and share the videos and files;                                                             
It can match Windows 10 system and has HD output device as double dispaly;1080P high resolution and IPS screen of 72% color gamut. Let every detail be clear.
Support power supply and signal transmission. One cable to cast screen for film-watching, game-playing. One cable realizes laptop splitting screen or phone screen cast.
Adopt 5mm narrow edge design that provides larger area. Excellent screen brings wider view angle with a 178°angle.
Dual soundtrack and stereo speakers, equalized frequency, mega bass, powerful moving coil drive effect and balanced vocal output.
Smooth touch screen enables you to use the monitor much more conveniently. 
Plug type: US/EU
Product Selling Point: Portable and Practical 
Screen Size: 15.6 inch
OR: 1920RGB*1080P
Screen Ratio: 16:9(widescreen)
HD Standard: 1080P(Full HD)
Panel Type: IPS All Sight
Backlight Type: W-LED 
Item Color: Black
Apperance Design: Ultra-thin/ Sleek
Battery: 8000mAh lithium battery
Cable: Type-C×1,MINI HDMI×1
Video: Type-C×1,MINI HDMI×1
Keyboard: Micro USB×1
Mouse: Micro USB×1
Support Laptop Models
Apple: MacBook 12"、MacBook Pro、MacBook Air、iPad Pro 2018
HUAWEI: MateBook、MateBookX、MateBookXPro、MateBookE
Honor: Magic
MIUI: Air 12.5"/13.3"、Pro15.6"、MIUI Game Book
ASUS: TUF3、U306、U321 Series、U4100、ROG Series
Lenovo: Yoga5 Pro、ThinkPad_Xl Carbon 2017、Miix 720
HP: Pavilion x2、EliteBook Folio G1
Google: ChromeBook Pixels、 PielBook Pen
Razer: Blade Stealth
Microsoft: Surface Book 2
Support Cellphone Models
HUAWEI: Mate10, Mate10 Pro, Mate20, Mate20 Pro, Mate20 X, P20, P20 Pro, Honor Note10
JmGo: R1, Pro2S
Samsung: S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note8,Note9

Power Adapter: 12V 1.5A
Support Game Devices
All Brand: PS4/PS3/XBOXONE/SWITCH,etc.
Item size: 35.6 * 22.4 * 0.9cm / 14.01 * 8.81 * 0.35in(L * W * H)
Item weight: Approx.1236g / 4360oz
Package size: 40 * 27 * 8cm / 15.75 * 10.63 * 3.15in(L * W * H)
Package weight: 2032g / 71.68oz
Package list:
1 * Portable monitor
1 * Leather cover
1 * Type-C to HDMI cable
1 * Type-C to Type-C cable
1 * Type-C to USB2.0 cable
1 * Power adapter (12V 1.5A)
1 * User Manual 
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