9 Inch LED Ring Light Dimmable Brightness 3200K-5500K Color Temperature USB Powered Fill-in Light for Makeup Live Streaming Shooting Photo Video Photography


包装长*宽*高:23.20 * 22.80 * 3.50(CM) 毛重:0.325(KG)


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The LED ring light features 3 colors lighting modes: white light, warm white light and warm light, each mode features stepless dimmable brightness.
The LED ring light will come in handy whenever you need extra light for making up, taking photos, making vlog, shooting videos, reading books and more.
Adopting 128pcs special energy-saving LED beads, constant current drive and low power loss, low heat output, safety and environmental protection, lightweight and portable.
The 9 inch LED ring light is equipped with 1/4" screw hole to install the smartphone holder, convenient to hold the smartphone, make shooting easier even in one-man operation.
Powered by the USB port, no need of a power adapter. The USB port is able to connect with multiple devices, such as USB charger, mobile power bank, computer host or laptop, for using conveniently and freely.

Model: RL-128
LED Beads: 128pcs
Output Power: 8W
Brightness: 1024LM
Color Temperature: 3200K-5500K
RA: >90
Adjustable Range: Stepless Dimmable
Internal Diameter: 18.5cm / 7.3in
External Diameter: 22.5cm / 8.9in
Lamp Width: 2cm / 0.8in
Package Size: 23.2 * 22.8 * 3.5cm / 9.1 * 9 * 1.4in
Package Weight: 316g / 11.1oz

Package List:
1 * Ring Light
1 * Smartphone Holder (with metal hose)
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