Xiao-mi YEELOCK Intelligent Drawer Lock APP BT Unlock Anti-Theft Child Safety Keyless Locks


包装长*宽*高:15.00 * 7.00 * 5.00(CM) 毛重:0.164(KG)


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Mobile phone is your key, binding account will not be lost. BT connection, can be easily opened with one button. Whether it's a bookcase, bedside table or file cabinet, it fits perfectly.

Intelligent drawer cabinet switch, reject potential danger, protect baby safe growth.
Protect important documents. Keyless is more convenient, you can also authorize keys to increase productivity..
Small program remote authorization key, work and life more efficient.
Set the authorization period, you can also view the record of opening the lock and withdraw the right to use the key at any time.
Real-time view of lock records, humanized intelligent background management.
Set the automatic locking function on the APP. When the automatic locking function is turned on, the unlocking-tongue will automatically extend.
Ultra-low power design, unlock the remaining power display, low power automatic reminder.
It can be set to turn on automatically when the power is too low to stop the failure of taking out important files.
Simple installation, applicable to all kinds of material drawer cabinets, does not affect the beauty of furniture.

Item type: Intelligent Drawer Lock
Color: White
Material: ABS+PC
Wire-less connection: BT4.0 
Unlock distance: ≤10m
The speed of unlocking: 1-2s
B-attery: 2*AAA b-attery
Package weight:160g/5.64ounces
Package size: 150*70*50mm/5.9*2.75*1.96inches

Package list:
1 * Lock
1 * lock catch 
1 * User manual
1 * Tape
1 * separation blade
1 * Screw fittings
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