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A cute and decorative metal cutting dies featuring retro colors and delicate details, cute shape moulds bring the gentle warmth of nature to your home. The metal cutting dies can be a gift for your friends, and families, suitable for DIY scrapbooking card, photo album, embossing paper cards, invitation template, etc.

[Premium Material]
The cutting dies are made of the durable carbon steel material, sturdy body ensuring durability and longevity.
[Retro Style]This cutting dies has been masterfully crafted from retro color varnished to add long-lasting color for a papercraft project.
[Great Gift]The cutting dies can be applied to making cards, theme invitations, photo frames, etc. It can also help children develop intelligence and improve the ability of home decoration.
[Practical]Metal cutting dies can create incredible shapes with your favorite card designs and paper of your choice.
[Widely Applicable]This beautiful design is suitable for celebrating a range of occasions, and it is a good way to impress your loved ones and adds fantastic complexity to your papercraft project.

Type:Type 1;Type 2;Type 3;Type 4;Type 5;Type 6;Type 7 (Optional)
Pattern: Flower, Tree, Butterfly
Material: Carbon Steel
Color: Silver
Style: Cute
Occasion: School, Home, etc
Product Size: 8.5*6.9cm/3.34*2.71inch(Type 1);5.2*7.1cm/2.04*2.79inch(Type 2);6.1*5.4cm/2.4*2.12inch(Type 3);9.2*10.9cm/3.62*4.29inch(Type 4);11.5*11.2cm/4.52*4.4inch(Type 5);9.6*8.6cm/3.77*3.38inch(Type 6);12*3.9cm/4.72*1.53inch(Type 7)
Package Size: 9*7*0.3cm/3.54*2.75*0.11inch(Type 1);6.5*8*0.3cm/2.55*3.14*0.11inch(Type 2);6.5*6*0.3cm/2.55*2.36*0.11inch(Type 3);10*11*0.3cm/3.93*4.33*0.11inch(Type 4);12*12.5*0.3cm/4.72*4.92*0.11inch(Type 5);10*9*0.3cm/3.93*3.54*0.11inch(Type 6);12.5*5*0.3cm/4.92*1.96*0.11inch(Type 7)
Package Weight: 9g/0.02lb(Type 1);6g/0.01lb(Type 2 & 3);10g/0.02lb(Type 4);14g/0.03lb(Type 5);7g/0.01lb(Type 6);8g/0.01lb(Type 7)

Package List:
1 * Metal Cutting Die
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