20Pcs Finger Teeth Wipes Teeth Brush Ups Wipes Dental Clean Teeth Whitening Tool for Oral Deep Cleaning


包装长*宽*高:12.00 * 12.00 * 6.00(CM) 毛重:0.033(KG)


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Deep cleaning teeth wipes are designed to remove the film that builds up on tooth surfaces. 
Can effectively remove dirty things on your teeth. Whiten your teeth.
So come and have a try.

Remove this film before starting teeth whitening and use another one to get fresh sweet-scented feeling after whitening.
Remove the film that builds up on tooth surfaces. Remove dirty things on your teeth, whiten your teeth effectively. 
Portable and disposable,no water needed,perfect for travelling,office,home,ect.
Simple & Disposable teeth whitening tool,hygienic and easy to use.
Mint flavor,fresh breath,sugar free.

Using Directions: 
Step 1:Open envelop and remove wipe.Extend index finger. 
Step 2:Slip wipe on index finger with longer side toward palm,shorter surface covering nail. 
Step 3:Lightly scrub tooth surfaces with longer side of wipe. 
Step 4:Remove wipe from finger and dispose of properly. 

Type: Teeth Whitening Tool
Material: Woven Cloth
Quantity: 20Pcs
Item Size: 7.5 * 3.5cm / 2.95 * 1.37in (1pc)
Package Size: 12 * 12 * 6cm / 4.7 * 2.4in
Package Weight: 15g / 0.52oz

Package List:
20 * Finger Teeth Wipes
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