3 PCS Vacuum Storage Bag


包装长*宽*高:28.30 * 10.00 * 3.00(CM) 毛重:0.116(KG)


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Save at least 75% space for your suitcase, and easy rolling down after sealing and the air will be exit from the one-way outlet at the bottom of the bag. Perfect to isolate dirty clothes during traveling or trips as well as organize your outfit, and also great for home use to protect your cloth from dust, bugs and mildew. Excellent to pack blankets, suits, pillow and thick sleeping cloth. 

3 pcs a set.
Size S for 3-5 piece cloth or towel and thin cloth, M for 5-7 piece cloth, fit for sweaters or winter cloth, and L for large items like pillows, sleeping bag or winter jackets.
Easy rolling after sealed the mouth and the air will exit from the one-way outlet at the bottom, no air pump is needed.
Saving about 75% space, perfect for neat organization or isolating dirty cloth during traveling or trips, and also excellent for home use to protect your cloth from dust, bugs and mildew.
Made from PE and PA finished with blank holder technology, airtight and reusable.

Material: 30% PA + 70%PE 
Size: S / M / L / Mixing size (optional)
S: 40 * 50cm / 15.7 * 19.6in
M: 40 * 60cm / 15.7 * 23.6in
L: 70 * 50cm / 27.5 * 19.6in
Package weight: 106g / 3.7oz 

Package list:
3 * Vacuum Bag 
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