COB Waterproof Chargeable LED Lighting with USB cable


包装长*宽*高:18.00 * 14.00 * 2.00(CM) 毛重:0.292(KG)


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This is a necessary work light in your toolbox. You can call it a work light, but it is not just a work light. It can help you in your dark place to do your task. You can use it in camping, car repair, travel, home use, power outages and emergency situations.

It can be use widely. 
Designed with a handle which can easy to carry.
Compact design, versatile, not only as a lighting device, but also as a mobile power use.
Powerful COB LED light source, providing ultra-bright light for use.
It has 4-mode light: high far light, low far light, low beam, red and blue flash.
Powered by 2 * 18650 battery (not included).
Designed for USB charging and it is easy to use.

Material: ABS
Color: yellow, gray (optional)
Mode: 4
Light distance: within 50 meters
Power: USB charging or 2 * 18650 battery (not included)
Output voltage: 4.8V
Output voltage: 5V
Waterproof rating: XPI5
Item size: 17 * 13cm / 6.7 * 5.1in
Item weight: 243g / 8.6oz
Package size: 18 * 14 * 2cm / 7.1 * 5.5 * 0.8in
Package weight: 286g / 10.1oz

Package list:
1 * LED light
1 * USB cable
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