4+2BZDN PoE Switch Power 4 Ethernet Port 2 Uplink Ethernet Port 1.2Gbps over Ethernet IEEE 802.3 52V 1.34A for Cameras AP VoIP


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This 4+2BZDN PoE Switch Power with 4 Ethernet Port 2 Uplink Ethernet Port 1.2Gbps over Ethernet IEEE 802.3 
52V 1.34A,
provides an easier installation way for PoE devices, such as IP cameras, wireless AP, Access control system.

4+2BZDN PoE Switch Power can detect your PoE devices according to PoE standard.
Therefore the PoE switch will compatible well with their PoE devices.
4 Ethernet Port and 2 Uplink Ethernet Port can be connected with different equipment, one button to achieve intelligent run.
The max transmission distance is 200 meters with 1.2Gbps. Ideally, shorter cable would reduce the power degradation over
the cables with high quality cables also can reduce power loss.
Plug and play design make the installation super simple, users do not need any configuration.
This PoE switch is a great choice for IP cameras, wireless AP, VoIP users, access control system, for Most devices which support PoE switch.

  4+2 PoE Switch Parameter
Product 4+2 PoE Switch
Model  4+2BZDW
PoE Switch Port 1-4 Port support IEEE 802.3af/at(15.4W/30W) Network Power Supply 
SEP Port Non Support
PoE Switch Output Power   15.4W/30W IEEE802.3af/at
PoE Switch Wire Core  1/2+、3/6- Pair(4/5+、7/8-pair)Optional 
Port Description 4 Ethernet Port;2 Uplink Ethernet Port  
PoE Switch Connection Standard  IEEE802.3af/IEEE802.3at
PoE Switch Transmission Distance ≤200米
PoE Switch Type End Bridging Method
Network Standard IEEE802.3、IEEE802.3u、IEEE802.3x、IEEE802.3af/at
Network Medium 5 Category and above unshielded twisted pair
Network Signal Distance transfer≤120M
Back plan Width 1.2Gbps
Forwarding way Storage forwarding
Forwarding Rate 10Base-T:14880PPS/port        
MAC Address 1KMAC
Port Function Power supply priority mechanism, fast and forwarding, MAC automatic learning and aging
IEEE 802.3 x full duplex flow control and back pressure half duplex flow control
Indicator Each port has1 Link/Act and PoE Switch indicator
Each equipment has 1 Power indicator
Work Temperature  0℃~40℃
Storage Temperature  —40℃~70℃
Work humidity  10%~90%RH(no condensation)
Storage humidity  5%~90%RH(no condensation)
Power supply  电源适配器(AC100-240V input,48V3A output) 
Overall power consumption ≤ 70W
Product Size/
cable length
27*18*4.4cm/10.6*7*1.7in, 115cm/45in
Product weight 650g/23oz
Whats Contain
1 * 4+2BZDN PoE Switch Power

1 *  Charging Cable
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