100A Digital Voltage Meter Energy Meter LCD 5KW Power Factor Energy Frequency Meters Voltmeter Ammeter Current Amps Watt Meter Tester Detector Indicator


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It is a compact, lightweight and functional multi-meter, with large-screen LCD display, can display voltage, current, power, power factor, energy and frequency at the same time.

Electrical parameter measurement function (voltage, current, active power, power).
Power alarm threshold preset function, can set up their own power alarm threshold.
Power-down data storage function.
20A and 100A are two different products optional, not universal.
Large-screen LCD screen full display display voltage, current, active power, power.
Backlight allows you to see the dates clearly even in the dark area.

2 models optional: 20A / 100A
Working voltage: 110 ~ 250VAC
Rated power: 20A/5000W(20A) (Default 4400W)
Working Frequency: 50/60Hz
Frequency measuring range: 45~65Hz
Power measuring range: 0.01W~4500W
Energy measuring range: 0.01Wh~99999kWh
Voltage measuring range: AC 50V~300V
Current measuring range: 0.01~20A
Voltage precision: ±1%
Current precision: ±2%
Power precision: ±2%
Panel size: 90 * 54.5mm / 3.54 * 2.15in
Product size: 85 * 47 * 28mm / 3.35 * 1.85 * 1.10in
Package size: 100 * 80 * 30mm / 3.94 * 3.15 * 1.18in
Product weight: 67g / 2.36oz
Package weight: 110g / 3.88oz

1. The total power resistive load of the connected appliances cannot excess the rated power, otherwise it will be damaged, even fire.
2. 20A electrical tester is built-in shunt, if it doesn't display power and the power factor, means the wiring connection is wrong, please check the wiring diagram.
3. Except for the wires, other objects should not be inserted into the connection hole; tightening the screws.
4. No waterproof function, only used in dry indoor environment.
5. Far away from children and fire.

Package List:
1 * Electricity Meter
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