Digital Color LCD Display Screen USB Tester Voltage Current Tester USB Recharger Tester Power Meter Timing Ammeter


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This USB tester has the functions of data measurement, temperature measurement, accuracy measurement, energy capacity detection. It can real-time monitor and protect of mobile phones.

Current, voltage and capacity display on the same LCD screen.
Plug USB male plug into recharger, female socket into mobile phone and other devices, then can directly read the voltage and current parameters.
Can save the mAh input from 9 sets of charging devices after power off, easy to view and check whether the charging device's capacitance is ture.
9 groups of data power-off storage function, temporarily store the current capacity and energy when power is off, re-open will accumulate the current used capacity and energy. Manual removal if no accumulation is required.
Real-time display of USB power charging status, voltage, current, capacity and other indicators at a glance.

Color: black, white (optional)
Voltage: 4~30V
Current: 0~5.1A
Electricity: 0~999999mAh
Energy: 0~999999mWh
Timing: 0~99 hours
Power: 0~150W
Charging resistance: 0~999.9Ω
Grouping: group 1~9
Internal temperature: 0~80℃
Positive voltage: 0~10V
Negative voltage: 0~10V
Item size: 70 * 25mm / 2.8 * 1.0in
Item weight: 14g / 0.5ounce
Package size: 150 * 95 * 15mm / 5.9 * 3.7 * 0.6in
Package weight: 17g / 0.6ounce

Functional instructions:
1. Click the button to view the charging data saved in group 1-9.
2. Press the button for 3 seconds to delete the charging data saved in one group.
3. Double-click the button to change the display page.
4. Hold the button and charge to enter the voltage calibration. e.g. when display is 5.526V→, double click the button again to display 5.526V↑, then click the button again to increase the voltage. Double click the button again to display 5.526V↓, then click the button again to reduce the voltage. Double click the button again to display 5.526V→, then click the button again to display "Current Calibration!" Then, the system will calibrate current automatically. After the calibration is completed, it will return to the main function page.

Package list:
1 * USB Multifunctional Tester
1 * User Manual
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