20pcs White Model Street Lights Layout Lamppost Railway Train Garden Playground Scenery Led Lamp Lighting 1:75 Scale 100mm


包装长*宽*高:12.00 * 11.00 * 2.00(CM) 毛重:0.044(KG)


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  • 颜色: white warm white
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These delicate model street lights are mainly used in teaching, photography and various kinds of scene model. Your platform or street scenes will be more lively with these products, are highly recommended for architects, students of architecture and model railway.

A set of 20pcs model street playground or railway layout lights.
Light up your scenery layout with this great model lamppost!
Completed with wires and bulb, perfect for railway model landscape.
These lampposts are suitable for using at supply voltage of 3V only.
This street lamp model is beautiful and the lighting function properly.
A great set of railway street lighting model for model enthusiasts and builders.

Material: plastic
Qty: 20pcs / set
Voltage: 3V
Light Color: white; warm white  (optional)
Scale: 3 scales (optional)
    scale 1: 1/75
    scale 2: 1/100
    scale 3: 1/150
Lamp Height: 100mm (scale 1); 70mm (scale 2); 65mm (scale 3)
Package Weight:
    42g / 1.48ounce (scale 1); 22g / 0.78ounce (scale 2); 18g / 0.63ounce (scale 3)
Package Size: 120 * 110 * 20mm / 4.72 * 4.33 * 0.79in

1. Please allow 1-10mm error due to manual measurement, thanks for your understanding!
2. Item color may show slight aberration due to different shooting light and monitor display.

Package List:
1 Set * Model Street Lights
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