Single Open Door Fingerprint Lock Fingerprint & Touchscreen Smart Lock Digital Glass Door Lock Electronic Keyless Touch-screen Door Lock Fingerprint Lock for Glass Door


包装长*宽*高:26.50 * 17.80 * 14.50(CM) 毛重:1.779(KG)


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With this Smart Glass Door Lock, you are free to use fingerprint, password, M1 card, or remote control to unlock. It features of numeric touchscreen, auto and manual locking mode, holds up to 300 fingerprints/passwords/M1 card, double authentication unlock (fingerprint with password combination or dual fingerprint combination), easy installation (no wiring required), touch wakeup, low battery indicator, etc. Real keyless, this excellent home improvement product ensures the maximum flexibility and convenience of your life.

Multiple Ways to Unlock: fingerprint, password, M1 card, remote control.
Password Unlock: can save up to 300 password (6-10 number combination).
Fingerprint Management: can save up to 300 fingerprints, and support up to 100,000 times of fingerprint changes.
Voice Prompts: voice guide when operation. Volume is adjustable and with mute function.
Permissions Settings: allow the designated people to unlock the door at the designated time.
Easy to Install and Program: equipped with the necessary accessories and English Manual, quick to install.
Digital Touch Keypad Panel with Backlight: makes it easy and convenient to use at night.
Dual Power Supply: support two ways to supply power. (emergency power supply with the USB interface)
Privacy Password Input: unlock the door even when you enter in 20 bits of passwords, as long as you continuous input the correct password.
Low Battery Alarm: voice prompt you when the battery is low.
Unlock Record Query: provide you the most recent 10,000 unlock operation record.
Wide Applications: great for home, office, hotel, apartment, restaurant, dormitory, etc.

Color: Black / Silver (Optional)
Material: ABS+PC+alloy
Power Supply: 4 * AA 1.5V battery (NOT Included)
Fingerprint Sensor Type: Optical sensor
Password Keyboard: Capacitive touch keyboard
Password Capacity: up to 300 groups
Fingerprint Change: 100,000 times
Fingerprint Capacity: up to 300pcs
Language: Chinese, English
Static Current: ≤50μA
Dynamic Current: ≤200mA
Drive Output: DC motor
Drive Capability: ≤500mA
Alarm Voltage: ≤4.7V
Working Voltage: 3-6V
Working Temperature: -25~65℃
Storage Temperature: -25~55℃
Recognition Rate: <0.0001%
Rejection Rate: <1%
Working Humidity: 5~95%RH (no condensation)
Card Type: M1 card, ID card, bank card
Remote Control Distance: within 30 meters
Remote Control Power Supply: 1 * 12V 27A alkaline battery
Display Screen: 0.96" OLED screen
Door Thickness: 12mm glass door
Item Weight: 1260g / 44.45oz
Dimension: 200 * 76 * 70mm / 7.87 * 2.99 * 2.76in
Package Size: 26.5 * 17.8 * 14.5cm / 10.43 * 7.01 * 5.71in
Package Weight: 1509g / 53.25oz

Package List:
1 * Left Door Lock Box
1 * Right Door Lock Box
1 * Lock Body Mounting Plate
1 * Lock Buckle Mounting Plate
1 * Remote Control
1 * Sidebar
2 * Smart Card
1 * Pack of Installation Accessories
1 * User Manual (English)

1. The product is NOT WATERPROOF, mainly used for home, office or other interior doors.
2. Please update your password regularly.
3. 300pcs Unlock Capacity: Password+Fingerprint+M1 Card
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