work gloves nitrile 24 pairs gray and black Gr. 8 / M


包装长*宽*高:1.00 * 1.00 * 1.00(CM) 毛重:0.001(KG)


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Our nitrilbeschichteten work gloves are perfect for use in precision work, since they not only protect your hands, but also increase your work efficiency. Made of nylon with nitrile coating, these gloves are very comfortable to wear and are characterized by high flexibility. In addition, the gloves are highly non-slip and abrasion-resistant, so you can manage your tools and workpieces precisely. Work gloves are designed for carpenters, construction workers, precision work, garden work, when dealing with high-risk materials and much more. The package contains 24 pairs of work gloves .;
  • Color gray
  • Material: Nylon with nitrile
  • Size: 8 / M
  • Grey knitted fabric and black nitrile
  • Extremely non-slip and abrasion-proof
  • Ideal for assembly work in precision mechanics
  • Great convenience through perfect fit
  • Delivery: 24 pairs of work gloves
  • Material: Polyamide: 100%
; This nitrilbeschichteten Work gloves protect your hands and help you to do precision work with great ease.
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