Desk solid wood Sheesham 120 x 50 x 76 cm


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This antique design desk adds a touch of colonial flair to your living room decor. It can also be used as a console table or side table. Made of solid sheesham wood, this table is stable, durable and easy to clean. Sheesham is a tropical hardwood characterized by a pronounced grain and also known as rosewood. The sturdy tabletop is ideal for placing your computer, books or decorative items such as vases or potted plants on it. The drawer offers extra storage space for neat and handy storage of various smaller items. Every step of the construction process was carried out with the utmost care, be it polishing, painting or varnishing. The installation succeeds effortlessly. Important note: The color and wood grain may vary from item to item, making each piece of furniture unique. Delivery is in random order.
  • Material: massive sheesham wood (also known as rosewood or rosewood)
  • Dimensions: 120 x 50 x 76 cm (L x W x H)
  • With 1 drawer
  • Polished, painted and painted
  • Simple final assembly
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